Garage Rebuild *5*

Allright !

After a good day of work the ceiling of my garage has been fully isolated and almost all of the beams for the “Gyproc” plates are up !

  1. The beginning of the beam placing :p
  2. … During …
  3. 3/4 of the beams are up 🙂 ( battery-pack was empty 🙁 )
  4. Moses likes the glasswool isolation 🙂

Garage rebuild *1*

As of today I am busy converting my garage to a “living room”.

First post = First pictures !

  1. The wood that is going to be used for the floor.
  2. Plastic had been deployed and the first beams for the floor have been placed.
  3. A while further … still puttings beams on the ground.

Speedconnect plus (vdsl2) *Update 1*

This morning before I went to work, my ADSL link was down.

So I thought HOORAY … VDSL finally active after the promised activation on friday !

So I hooked up the new ROUTER Dommel provided for the use of the vdsl2 connection and awaited the signal to come in … but NO … nothing :p

I left for work and when I was out for like 5 minutes, a Technician called home to say that the conversion had just happened, so that everything would be up and running.

I’ll post some info tonight !