Garage Rebuild *8*

Due to the crappy weather nowadays and the need to get this fixed BEFORE doing anything else inside, I was in need of a nice day…without rain 🙂

This is the result of and hour of digging 🙂 -> Few meters long … +-35cm deep.

That’s all for the update … except that every electrical wire inside is hooked up and working as it should be :p

Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro. on E-Ten/Acer DX900

As of today, I’m using WM6.5pro on my dx900.

Installation went fast as hell, setting everything up was easy 🙂

Download the rom from the userboard @ E-Ten, download the latest rom from the acer or e-ten website.

Start the install … before you click finish at step three of the install, copy the downloaded rom from the userboard, paste this into your %temp% folder (found by open start -> run -> %temp%) and paste this here… it will ask to overwrite data … click YES 🙂

Then on the install, click proceed. This will copy the WM6.5 rom to your device … wait for it … wait for it … SOFT RESET the device … if it doesn’t help, pull out the battery-pack… 🙂

Set up the screen … all done 🙂