Computer Upgrade :)

Today I bought a new PSU and 2 GPU’s to run in Crossfire 🙂

PSU: XFX 750W Black Edition:

The main reason for this choice is the modularity of the PSU and also because it’s actually a Seasonic PSU for a smaller price 🙂

GFX: 2* Sapphire Extreme 5850’s:

The reason for this purchase is extreme good value for money 🙂

So some pictures …

Before there was a Liberty Enermax 400W PSU. This one never let me down 🙂
The GFX card is a XFX 5830 with a Arctic Twin Turbo aftermarket cooler.

And after, as mentioned before, a XFX 750 BE PSU and 2* Extreme 5850’s in XF.

Rup for BF3

A new LAN Organisation has seen the light 🙂

After attending our own AdrenaLAN, they decided to host one of their own 😀

With our great appreciation we introduce to you:
Location: Campus De Reynaert (messhall)
Date: April 8th -> 10th of this year !
Entry fee: €15
Games: Pong ! & Beerpong for certain, other games will be added soon !
Network: 48*100Mbit With gigabit uplink !
Electricity: Enough 🙂

C u there of be kotje !