Dommel -> Scarlet

Today I changed providers 🙂

From Untrustworthy Dommel to the ‘MAYBE’ somewhat trustworthier Scarlet.

Previous configuration with Dommel:

BGC Standard Telephone Line Subscription -> €15/m
Dommel VDSL2 Speedconnect Plus -> €49.99/m

Current Configuration with Scarlet:

Scarlet ONE: €50/m
This contains VOIP Telephony, VDSL2 internet (fup), BGC HD TV.

So I get it all for just €50/m …

Kinda sweet deal 🙂

Speedconnect plus (vdsl2)

Some time ago I placed an order with for the upgrade of my home internet connection.

Today I received my Router which they deliver with this particular subscription.

The connection will become a VDSL2 connection with speeds of 18mbps download/1.2Mbps upload.

The Router itself is a Sagem 3464 wlan vdsl2 type.

(I apologize for the blurry pictures)

As some newsposts on the net say that this router only has 1 LAN port, they are wrong.

There are 3 more ports on the side but 2 of them are described as TV ports.

As soon as my vdsl connection is up and running I’ll post some more info !